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On-screen colours may vary according to different screen calibrations so we always recommend purchasing a sample pot first if colour is critical and always applying a test area before painting.
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  • Wood Preservers & Treatments

    Wood Treatments & Preservatives

    Here at the Decorators Store we have a wide range of Wood Pre...

  • Architectural Timber Coatings

    Architectural Timber Coatings & Wood Stains

    With our wide and diverse range of Architectural ...

  • External Oils & Varnishes

    External Wood Oils & Varnishes

    In recent years the popularity of external wood oils and stain...

  • Shed & Fence

    Shed & Fence Paints and Treatments

    Ensure that your Fence or Shed is protected against the el...

  • Decking

    Decking Oil, Stains & Cleaners

    Garden Decking can look amazing if correctly laid and treated,...

  • Wooden Garden Furniture

    Wooden Garden Furniture Preservatives & Stains

    Ensure that new Wooden Garden Furniture is tre...

  • Metal Garden Furniture

    Metal Garden Furniture Paints & Treatments

    Ensure that metal garden furniture, iron railings,...

  • Metal Protection

    Metal Paints & Protective Coatings

    With our wide selection of Metal Paints, Protective Coati...

  • Masonry

    Masonry Paints & Painting Equipment

    Sourced from many of the decorating industries leading br...

  • Barn Finishes

    Wood Building Stains & Barn Finishes

    Whether you're looking to give your barn a unique finish...

  • Marine

    Boat Varnish & Marine Paints

    Looking at your boat or marine, yacht or even seaside house can ...

  • All In 1 Paints

    All in 1 Paints & Coatings

    Whilst from many decorating jobs may require a truly unique paint ...

  • Equestrian Paints

    Equestrian & Stud Farm Fence Paints

    Give your Stud Farm or Equestrian complex the perfect fin...