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Bona Craft Oil 2K - 1.25lt

Bona Craft Oil 2K - 1.25lt
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Excl. VAT: £39.12 Incl. VAT: £46.94
product information


• With superior wood saturation properties, Bona Craft Oil delivers deep protection against wear, chemicals and moisture.

• A natural vegetable oil, it has virtually no odour and significantly lowered VOC.

• This means that it is safe to work and live with.

• Performance, versatility and style – get the natural 'soft' look and feel of an oiled floor

• When you need extra rotection, Craft Oil can be overcoated with all versions of Bona Traffic for added durability.

• The unique formula is made from modified plant-based oil

• It delivers tough, water and stain resistant protection to floors in domestic or medium wear environments 

• Bona Craft Oil 2K is compatible with most wood species, even tricky ones such as Cherry and Walnut.

• Floors treated are ready for light use after just 8 hours and can be overcoated with lacquer, if necessary, after 12 hours. 

technical specifications


Coverage Approx. 20 m²/litre depending on wood type
Drying Time - Between applications: 15-30 minutes* - Light use: 24 hours* *under normal indoor conditions, 20C/60% R.H. Ensure proper ventilation
MPN GT570014001, GT571114001, GT572114001, GT573114001, GT574114001, GT575114001, GT576114001, GT577114001
GTIN 7312795700144, 7312795711140, 7312795721149, 7312795731148, 7312795741147, 7312795751146, 7312795711140


  • • Great stain, water and wear resistance
  • • Spot repairable
  • • Intermixable colours
  • • Fast curing, floors ready for light use in 8 hours
  • • Compatible with tropical wood species
  • • Very low VOC content
  • • Compatible with other oils and colours from the Bona Oil System
  • • Application by squeegee, roller, trowel or buffing machine
  • • Overcoatable with Bona Traffic HD, Bona Traffic HD Anti-Slip and Bona Traffic Natural


Before Applying Bona Craft 2K Oil

Ensure floor is acclimatized to its end-use environment, well sanded, dry and free from sanding dust, wax and other contamination.

Allow product to reach room temperature before use.

Optimal application conditions are between 20-25C and 30-50% relative air humidity.

High temperatures and low humidity shorten drying time, low temperatures and high humidity lengthen drying time.

Minimum temperature for use is 16C.

Use rubber gloves, safety goggles and disposable booties during application.

The sanding and the wood’s properties have an influence on the final colour.

The colour should only be evaluated after the final finish.

Marks, colour differences, uneven colouring, etc. is not fault of the product but are the responsibility of the user!

If unsure then make a test including the staining and finishing prior to use. 



How To Apply Bona Craft 2K Oil

If the floor has large or many unfilled gaps then pour the mixed oil into a tray and apply from the tray using a roller.

Gap-free floors are quickly and easily treated with a Bona Oil Squeegee or a stainless steel trowel.


Using a hammer, drive an awl or screwdriver through the top and bottom of the upper container and allow the content to run into the bottom container (min. 1 minute).

Remove the upper container and mix the content thoroughly.


Apply and distribute a thin coat of the mixed oil to the floor.

On large floors work in sections and overlap wet-on-wet.


Allow the wood to absorb the oil for 15-30 minutes and then buff the surface with a buffing machine equipped with a red or beige pad.


Make another pass with more oil if required to ensure that absorbent areas are saturated.


Allow another 15-30 minutes of oil exposure before removing surplus oil with cotton cloths fitted under a buffing machine.


Buff the surface with a Bona Woolpad for a flawless finish.


Let surface dry at least 8 hours* (coloured oil min 12h*) before resuming foot traffic.

Ensure good ventilation during application and drying.

Note: If you wish to overcoat the oil for extra protection please refer to the attached Data Sheet



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